The Event of The Year for Interior Design Bloggers!

Thanks to our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for making this year our biggest and best event yet!  Hear what our attendees had to say about this year’s event – read highlights below.

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We want to welcome back Currey and Company as our Stage Sponsor for the 2015 event – the gorgeous furnishings and floral arrangements provided a stunning backdrop to our 2014 conference as you can see in many of the photos featured in the highlights below.  Now we look forward to 2015 and the new vision from Currey and Company!

Design Bloggers Conference 2014: Highlights

WOW, so much happened at the Design Bloggers Conference 2014. We figured that we couldn’t summarize the conference any better than our attendees, so hope you’ll enjoy this collection of their highlights, recaps, and key takeaways from the conference, along with lots of photos.

Design Bloggers Conference: The Best Networking Event And Blogging Event For Interior Designers

I’m writing this 30,000 feet up in the air, because I think it’s important to talk about this experience before the euphoric memories are further in the distance. My overall feeling about DBC is that anyone who is a blogger should go to this. Although the conference speakers are from the design business, the blogging tips and tricks are relevant to all bloggers. Since this is my second year, I can confidently say that this is my annual resurgence for blogging. Lets dig deeper into who I heard from (that really resonated with me) and what my key blogging takeaways were! Read more.

Design Bloggers Conference 2014–Lessons Learned and the Good Times!

Sorry…I couldn’t drag myself to the computer yesterday as promised but I didn’t forget about filling you in on the Design Bloggers Conference I attended last week. First let me say that I am so glad I invested in attending this conference and after spending some time reflecting my 3 days of learning and networking, I can honestly say that I’m going to be a better business owner, person AND blogger because of the conference. Read more.

steve mckenzie’s & Design Bloggers Conference 2014 – Part 1

We’re just getting back into a regular routine post Design Bloggers Conference 2014 (DBC) – and after this whirlwind conference, regular may never be again. It was a motivating and an inspiring few days, for sure! Filled with fun, fabulous advice, and friends new and old. Attending this exciting conference cemented our commitment to the blog for steve mckenzie’s and we’re thrilled to begin implementing some of what we’ve learned and what’s inspired us here with you! Read more.

steve mckenzie’s & Design Bloggers Conference 2014 – Part 2

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on part one of our 2014 DBC recap post! We’re so glad you enjoyed our little synopsis. We certainly had quite the experience and are excited to share our part two post, highlighting day two of the 2014 Design Bloggers Conference…  Day two started off with a BANG, thanks to the gal who needs no introduction in our book, Candice Olson….read more.

Design Bloggers Conference Recap

So, how was the design bloggers conference? On the whole, I have to say it was pretty friggin’ awesome. There were a lot of wonderful sponsors and the primary one is a company called Digital Sherpa. I also met a lot of very cool, very nice people and one of them… Read more.

2014 Design Blogger’s Conference Recap

The 2014 Design Blogger’s Conference in Atlanta was a tremendous success for me personally. I gained incredible knowledge about blogging best practices, met design celebrities, met many design idols that I’ve known in the cyber-world for a few years but had never met in person, and networked and cocktailed my bu** off!   Read more.

My Favorite Professional Conference

With over 30 years of being a professional interior designer, I have attended tons of professional conferences all over the country. And by far, the best conference in professional return and personal rewards is the Design Bloggers Conference presented by Design Sherpa with Adam Japko, our mighty head of it all.

This was the 4th year and I have been beyond blessed to have attended all 4 years and here are the reasons: Read more.

Highlights of #DBC2014

“The total reach of all of the bloggers in this room is 500,000. You guys are more influential today as bloggers in this room than any traditional magazine in terms of size of audience.” -Adam Japko

Doodle Home is back from this year’s Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, GA. And my oh my, what a conference! The rockstar lineup of speakers was amazing, the talent of the attendees was astounding, and we were so proud to have been a sponsor.

For anyone looking to take a trip down memory lane, or for anyone who is looking for motivation to go next year, here are some of our highlights and favorite moments.

Our Favorite Booths

As much as we loved our own display, there were some standout booths that we wanted to take a moment to appreciate. First off, kudos to the Baker team for just doing away with the table and instead creating this captivating and simple display to show off their product and to highlight their brand. We also loved all of the exciting colors and patterns of the Caleidoscope Color display. The company is going to formally launch next week and we wish them the best of luck! And we couldn’t get away without appreciating the stage decor courtesy of Currey & Company. It was fabulous. Read more.

30 Quick Takeaways from the Design Bloggers Conference 2014

What a great event Adam Japko and the team from Design Sherpa put on in Atlanta last week at the Design Bloggers Conference! There was so much to process, today I’m sharing 30 quick takeaways from my experience… ! Read more.

Recap: Design Blogger’s Conference 2014 (DBC2014)

As some of you may know, I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend Design Blogger’s Conference last week in Atlanta. Hansgrohe USA sent five lucky bloggers on scholarship to attend the conference, and I had the opportunity to be one of them (they also gave us a swank shower head in our swag bag, so Hansgrohe is literally my favorite company right now)!

…I am so glad that I was able to meet so many amazing people; people whom I truly believe to be friends for life. These men and women are so incredibly inspiring, and last week really confirmed that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I have found my people, and they’re pretty awesome. Read more.

Design Blogger’s Conference 2014 May I Drop A Few Names? :)

Sunday was the kick-off for a star-studded event that brought designers, bloggers, suppliers and media people from around the country together for a 4 day free for all in the idea sharing department at Design Blogger’s Conference 2014. And who doesn’t love a good SWAG bag??? They loaded us down.

… As soon as I entered the beautiful ballroom at The Grand Hyatt, the excitement was at frenzy level and it never let up.

I met Jeffrey Johnson and Leslie Carothers right off the bat. Matching names to well known faces is always a feat at these affairs… I honestly had no idea what to expect but I am SO glad that I went. Funny how quickly you bond with people when you have so much in common. I came home with an entire bouquet of new friends … Read more.

Top 5 Takeaways from Design Bloggers Conference 2014

While we are head over heels for rugs here at Landry & Arcari, we also know that not everyone lives, dreams, and breathes the same passion for rugs that we do. After many years of experience, we know how to make expert functional design suggestions for rugs and carpeting, but nothing beats the trained eye and experience of an interior designer when it comes to the overall look of a yet-to-be-finished room.

We were lucky to have time to attend the Interior Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta last week. Our goal was to gain a deeper understanding of all the additional effort and passion our interior designers put in to be as successful as they are – and we got it! Along with some excellent design and blogging tips. ….Here are our top 5 takeaways from the conference… read more.

10 Blogging Take Aways from Design Bloggers Conference 2014

Two weeks ago Christy, represented me at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta. We have attended the conference for three years now, and this year it was in the Southern city of Atlanta, Georgia. I want to say a big thank you to Adam Japko and the Digital Sherpa team for providing yet another great conference filled with wonderful like minded peers.

This bloggers conference was packed with a full house, more than 350 attendees (the largest one to date). There were a vast array of sponsors, and lots of networking taking place. The most important aspect of the blog other than the networking, is the learning, so here are my ten take-aways from the Design Blogger’s Conference. Read more.

Recap from 2014 Design Bloggers Conference

It’s been several weeks since the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about all the amazing things I learned from blogging (of course!) to SEO (probably the most useful!) to networking (exhausting but completely necessary!). I was honored to attend the conference with designer (and boss lady!) Michelle Murphy and social media guru Austyn Laures, my two teammates from Demi Ryan.

Instead of giving you a full recap of all my takeaways, I’ll show you a conference summary through some snapshots. Down the road, I may write a post here and there about the conference focusing on specific learnings, so be on the look out!  Read more.

Industry Insights: Design Bloggers Conference 2014 Recap

Oh my goodness! First, let me apologize for not posting the last few days. I attended Design Bloggers Conference 2014, and between the tons of information I received, the events I attended and the relationships I made with designers and bloggers from across the country, it was hard to catch my breath let alone sit down to write!

When I got home and began to digest all of the things I had experienced, I realized that it would take me many, many blog posts to do share all the details with you, so I decided to put together a few short videos instead.  Watch video recaps.

Design Bloggers Conference: A recap

I’m back from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta and had an absolutely amazing time from start to finish! It exceeded my expectations in every way!…Here are some highlights from the conference…

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, GA just outside of Atlanta. They sure picked a great hotel to serve host… The décor throughout the hotel was so tastefully done and I couldn’t help but snap some photos of the lobby.

…. I so thoroughly enjoyed this conference and realized once again, just how passionate I am about design and how much I love learning and immersing myself in anything that has to do with interior design. I say it every day but I truly am blessed to be doing what I love to do!  Read more.

Italian wine tasting for 300+ #dbc2014 TY @AdamJapko

Social media saved my life.

It’s thanks to social media that I reinvented myself and found a new career as a wine blogger back in 2007 when I was broke, single, and rudderless in New York City. It’s thanks to social media that I met Tracie P in 2008, fell in love, got married in 2010, and started a family — the greatest experience of my life. And it’s thanks to social media that I became friends with Adam Japko, one of the most extraordinary, dynamic people I know.

Adam asked me to speak yesterday about “how to make any story a sharable story” at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta (#dbc2014), a standing-room-only event that he organizes each year. And so I told the story of how my story became a sharable one and how social media helped me reinvent myself, find the true love of my life, and launch a successful marketing consulting business. Each of the wines we served at the tasting represented a moment in the arc of my narrative.  Read more.

Design Bloggers Conference 2014

I just got back from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta spending 3 days with a creative, smart, talented, personable, dedicated and powerful group who are passionate Design Bloggers … what could be better than being immersed in a culture of creativity?

The presenters blew me away with the variety of information and inspiration I left feeling fully charged up and ready to go. For example, keynote speaker Candice Olson was so entertaining, personable & shared… Read more.

We are thrilled to have hosted Jeffrey Alan Marks, Candice Olson, Timothy Corrigan, and Suzanne Kasler  at the 2014 Design BloggersConference.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

Candice Olson

Timothy Corrigan

Suzanne Kasler


Join interior design bloggers, new media innovators, and interior design industry leaders for the fifth annual Design Bloggers Conference – the premier conference and experience for professionals actively using or interested in learning about new media and the interior design industry. This two-day conference brings you a unique opportunity to participate in the intersection of interior design with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more. We invite all our fellow interior design bloggers to attend!

The conference will be held from February 25-27, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta. The 25-floor Grand Hyatt is in fashionable Buckhead, 6 miles north of downtown Atlanta, in the heart of the city’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment area. Complimentary shuttle within a 2-mile radius. Centrally located in the boutique shopping district of Buckhead on the north side of Atlanta, this elegant hotel offers a peaceful retreat with exceptional service.

The Design Bloggers Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the interests of bloggers on interior design. Learn how to build a stellar personal brand for yourself, your blog, and your design career. Learn how to build and engage your audience with information and inspiration on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels. Meet potential advertisers, make critical connections, meet the icons of the design blogosphere and traditional media, and learn about exciting new products. Learn from the most accomplished bloggers, and network with your connections to your future.

The conference will include sessions on the following topics:

  • Interior Design Trends
  • The Business of Blogging – Proven Methods For Maximizing Your Revenue
  • 21 Useful Tips to Build Your Business and Personal Brand: Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz
  • How to Build Your Business Through Inbound Marketing
  • Creating Inspirational Content – The Secrets of Professional Photographers
  • Building Your Brand: Grow Your Blog With Creative Video
  • What you Should Know About Search and Analytics
  • How to Build Traffic Through Facebook, Twitter, and Search

Register today for super early bird rates and to ensure your participation – space is limited.

Garden Bloggers Conference is modeled after the Design Bloggers Conference and will be collocated with Design Bloggers Conference in 2015 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia.