Pre-Conference Workshops – Sunday Only

New times for all four workshops – see below.

All workshops are included in your Registration Package!

Program includes (4) separate workshops. Due to overwhelming demand, we have moved all the workshops into a larger conference room to accommodate all attendees in one session and please note that the workshops will not be repeated.

2:00PM – 3:00PM

Workshop 1: Make $100K+ a Year Selling Digital Interior Design Products

This 60-minute workshop is included in your registration package.

Whether you choose to sell design products on your blog, want to grow your design business with online merchandise sales, or even yearn to offer an online design course, this workshop is for you. Laurel Bern will be sharing exactly what she did to go from a blog nobody read, with no connections to creating a highly profitable blog that has enabled her to become a full-time blogger. Even if your goal is only to grow your interior design business, the same principles that catapulted her in only two years, will work for you, as well. In addition, participants will be receiving a complimentary guide, that will include all of her talking points.

Instructor: Laurel Bern
Founder, The Laurel Home Blog and Laurel Bern Interiors
Laurel Bern, an award-winning residential interior designer from Bronxville, NY began her career in 1988. In 2012, she started her popular, award-winning blog, Laurel Home. Laurel says that the first two years, she made “every mistake in the book and then some.” Because of that failed experience and then finding the right help, she has learned what it takes to turn one’s blog into a lean-mean-money-making machine.

3:00PM – 3:45PM

Workshop 2: Advanced Mobile Photography for Designers & Content Creators

This 45-minute workshop is included in your registration package.

Design pros, social media enthusiasts, and bloggers will learn from photographer Connor Dwyer, Instagram Recommeded User, how to ratchet up professionalism and engagement for your mobile photography. From mobile phone tools and tricks to lighting and styling, this workshop will transform your images and brand.

connor-dywerInstructor: Connor Dwyer
Connor lives in Atlanta, a photographer and recent graduate in graphic design at SCAD. He has achieved recommended user by Instagram through his compelling photography and creative story telling approaches. He thinks graphic design and photography for building brands, but mostly enjoys making people feel loved and maximize their potential. He has designed or photographed alongside some amazing brands such as Warby Parker, Gap, Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, and more. He also has helped brave startups and small brands develop a visual personality.

4:00PM -4:45PM

Workshop 3: Create a Killer Online Bio: Promote Your Design Stardom

This 45-minute workshop is included in your registration package.

If you’re like most design industry professionals, your online bio is an after thought or even a bust. Chances are, it undersells you and secretly disqualifies you for the kind of projects and clients you require. Learn how, where, and when to use the tool to position yourself as a uniquely qualified leader in your field. Craft a website and social media bio that dramatically differentiates you for success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a bio that dramatically differentiates you
  • Pinpoint, promote and prioritize your most powerful and unique assets
  • Identify your “Only” statement (“____ is the area’s only design professional who…”)
  • Use your bios for maximum impact
  • Recognize the best bio words, and avoid the worst ones

fred-bernsInstructor: Fred Berns
Fred is the only interior design industry business coach and speaker who creates personal bios and other promotional materials for design professionals worldwide.

Fred has more than 25 years experience training design professionals from Dallas to Dubai, and creating their online profiles, website and social media copy, blogs and marketing forms. In addition, he offers a wide range of business coaching services, ranging from his High Performance Coaching Program to his Bio Briefing and Website Onceover.

4:45PM -5:30PM

Workshop 4: Styling Photo Shoots Like a Pro

This 45-minute workshop is included in your registration package.

Whether you are a brand ambassador shooting sponsored product, a designer shooting your finished projects, or a blogger creating images for blogs or other media formats, planning to style makes all the difference.  Learn how to style sofas, rugs, tables, flowers, vases and more for putting together rooms like they belong in glossy design magazines. Courtney, an accomplished brand ambassador and trained photographer, will share her secrets and sensibilities.


Courtney of French Country Cottage
Courtney believes in the power of patina, that fresh flowers and a chandelier belong in every room and that the mix of rustic & refined is perfection. When she isn’t behind the computer blogging- she works freelance as a photographer and stylist for magazines, loves to travel and you might also find her sitting on the beach with her toes in the sand and a beach bag filled with peonies.   Courtney writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle, design, DIY & the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. With a style that is a little bit shabby, French country, and a touch of cottage mixed in- she loves the mix of rustic & refined and doesn’t like to follow all those design rules (except for the one about decorating with what you love). She thinks if it makes you happy when you walk in a room- it is perfect.

Jickie Torres is the editor of Cottages & Bungalows and the Director of Content for the Lifestyle Group of Engaged Media which includes titles such as Atomic Ranch, Romantic Homes, Flea Market Décor and American Farmhouse Style. In addition to new product development, she is also a photographer and the lead scout/stylist for the group. She has 10 plus years of experience for home/interiors and believes the best rooms have something traditional, something personal and something a little bit scandalous.

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