Attendee Profile: Barbara Karpf

In 2005 Barbara Karpf founded DecoratorsBest, an e-commerce website selling designer fabric and wallpapers at competitive, discount prices. Now with over two-hundred-thousand products and increasing daily, DecoratorsBest has established itself as a leader in the decorating community. The recently launched blog has increased DecoratorsBest’s visibility to the public, providing everything from Barbara’s designer tips to insights on the newest collections.

For the past twenty years Barbara H. Karpf, NKBA Kitchen Designer, has worked in New York City, The Hamptons, and the entire Metropolitan area. She is in “Who’s Who in Interior Design” and was selected as one of the “Great Designers of the World 2000.” Ms. Karpf has participated in many decorator showhouses and her work has been featured in numerous national publications. She has been a guest lecturer at The Architectural Digest Home Show in New York City. She is a graduate of The New York School of Interior Design and Brandeis University.

Attendee Profile: Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

Blogging for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a little bit of “behind the scenes”… so much so we call the blog, { Between the Seams }. It is the inspirations, the aspirations, the sweet little things, and some of the big things that make this brand progress, move forward and essentially tick. The blog is the heart and soul of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie.

And it reiterates what the brand is… about breezy happiness, cozy comfort and easy-living chic. Giftable, gorgeous silhouettes in whisper-soft fabric in enchanting garden of eden-inspired palettes for apparel, accoutrement and bed/home. Sweet robes, tunics and of course lovelies for brides and bridesmaids on their big day.

Plum Pretty Sugar {Between the Seams} is the journey. Something so dreamful and lovely.

Attendee Profile: Regina Garay of Fauxology

Fauxology ( explores the love affair between inspired Interior Design and extraordinary Decorative Painting.  I started the blog in June 2007 and although I wrote sporadically then, it’s going to be almost a year since I’ve started writing daily posts.  I simply adore decorative painting and finishing – which is good because my siblings and I run such a studio and we incorporate surfaces such as Mirror Patinas ( and traditional decorative painting (

I think it’s important to have the “trades” within Interior Design also have blogs where they showcase their tremendous love of design but also how their particular industry relates to it.  I love working with Interior Designers – they are very clear on their goals and are always open to the artistry of the artisans and craftspeople they work with.  It can be a beautiful collaboration and that collaboration with decorative painting is what I try to exhibit daily.  Gone are the days of sponging, ragging and over-fauxing – the artisans of today have much more sophisticated, clean finishes that incorporate color and pattern in innovate ways.  My Fauxology blog seeks to showcase that by highlighting extraordinary finishes, artists and projects – and have consciously amassed a category list and strong search engine so that fast research can be done for a project by an Interior Designer or Artist.  I also share my love of social media and blogging with posts on tech innovations and updates as it relates to design specifically.

Design blogs have helped create clients and consumers who are erudite and savvy.  Incredible blog writers have gained a following because of the genuine and versatile ways they have conveyed their love and excitement for design.   I’m happy at the possibility of meeting some of them while attending the Design Bloggers conference.  I’m also appreciative of the opportunity to do so all the while gaining knowledge and friendships.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Attendee Profile: Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs

Susan Jamieson – Bridget Beari Designs I started blogging as away to document all the crazy things that happen to me, inspire me, and thrill me in this world of interior design. I started my first blog in July of 2007 to record a before and after kitchen makeover. From there it has evolved to include videos showcasing my travels and projects outside the country, as well as my tips for planning a dinner party.

My subscribers are fascinated by the life of an interior designer. Most readers like to see the glamour–the beautiful interiors and high-end furniture—but I aim to show everything: the good (photos and videos of my design and others who I admire), the bad (frustration when things don’t go as planned, and how I deal with it) and the unusual (the often atypical places where I find my inspiration.) I have always said “good design is good design” and I am willing to learn, share and explore all avenues to find it.

Interior by Bridget Beari Designs

Without my blog, I don’t think I would generated the media presence I now have—from features in Traditional Home and Southern Living as well as a guest-starring role on TLC’s Restorer Guy. Being from Virginia is wonderful but it does not have the same draw as NYC or L.A. The Bridget Beari blog has made it possible for others around the country and the world to see my work and get inspired. I am thrilled by the process of design and have been working on a series of reality videos that take the viewer from the initial concept to office life, contractor strife and the final install. It’s funny, eye opening, and beautiful all at the same time. All to be viewed on the Bridget Beari channel. Who knew you could have your own TV channel? This is the power of social media.

I have also been able to capitalize on the social opportunities by teaming up with Sally Fretwell Paints to create my own paint line, designing my own line of custom furniture, and by meeting some of today’s stars of design. Everyone who I meet inspires me to do more, see more and create better interiors.

At the Design Bloggers Conference I hope to be inspired, make connections for future collaborations and put faces to the blog names I read. Design is not about living in a vacuum but about opening yourself up to experiences so the creativity can flow.

Attendee Profile: Melanie Royals of Design Amour

Melanie Royals

I began my blog wa-a-a-ay back in 2006. That’s like 56 years in blog years, I think. I was completely turned on to design blogs after reading a little feature on the blog phenomenon in Newsweek magazine that included a mention of Design Sponge. Who knew there was a whole sub-category of blogs focused on design?? I previously had thought blogs were simply a tool used by political rabble-rousers. As soon as I got to a computer I checked it out and got happily lost in the design blogosphere for hours on end!

I was inspired to create my own blog Design Amour-A Diary of My Affairs with Design and Decoration, to chronicle my own decorative painting businesses, studio projects, and to hopefully educate and inspire others to incorporate stenciling and decorative painting into interior design. I firmly believe that exuberant colors and patterns on walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings have at least “some” place in every house in the world!

Having a blog as a way to communicate about my work with people from all over the world has created some amazing opportunities for me. About 3 years ago I connected with Maryam Montague, who has the Moroccan lifestyle/design blog My Marrakesh after she commented on my beautiful blog design. That led to further conversation that resulted in me being blessed to take 3 different groups of decorative painters (so far) to Marrakesh to work (and play) at creating design additions to her boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions. Our work has included painting murals and stenciling patterned floors, wall, stair risers, ceilings, and even a dining tent! I say “so far” because we are planning yet another adventure for this October!

Even though I’ve had a blog for quite some time now, I definitely feel that I am not yet the blogger I was meant to be! I am looking forward to the Design Bloggers Conference to give me that little extra “push” to make a commitment to post more regularly and not get bogged down in the angst of writing “well enough”. Plus, I am fully expecting to pick up many nuggets of information and inspiration that I didn’t know how much I needed to know! I also relish the thought of immersing myself in design talk with fellow junkies, schmoozing and absorbing the amazing energy that I think will be pulsating at this event!

Attendee Profile: Carla Stolper of AtTuned to Style

I’m extremely new to blogging – only two months in – new to both producing and reading them. I’m wondering now what took me so long. I’m a former editor, former expat (and will be again), and a current blogger/design business start up. After a lot of encouragement from friends, and my husband, who insisted it was time my creativity and “talent” went somewhere other than daydreams and what-if scenarios, I decided to dive in and see what I could do.

I’ve long, long, long contemplated combining my writing background with my love of design, my unique experiences in travel and entertaining, and my partiality to “the good life.”

I’m interested in sharing tips, ideas, stories and things I love in a useful, no-nonsense, party-on-a-page kind of way, which is why my love of music is central to my posts. I guess you could say working on finding the right mix of voice and content and unique edge is my current project.

Again, I’ve only just begun, but I’m thrilled thus far with the opportunity, enthusiasm and energy it provides. While being completely overwhelmed by the numbers of design category bloggers out there, it’s also wildly inspiring, challenging and motivating.  I hope to learn everything at this conference – what on earth is an RSS feed, versus a Follow button, versus a Subscribe link, etc.  But more importantly, I can’t wait to meet and learn from the incredible talent attending.

Carla Stolper

Attendee Profile: Megan McDevitt of Lovely Happenings

A few years ago, while sitting in my college apartment trying to study for my upcoming final exams, I yearned for a creative outlet. (This might have been induced from long hours studying about HVAC systems and building codes). That was the moment I started Lovely Happenings, my personal blog. From the start, Lovely Happenings has been a depiction of my personal inspirations, the pursuit of new adventures, and the attempt to define happiness. All in all, I enjoy blogging about the things that put a smile on my face. Who doesn’t?

Design has always played an integral role in my blog, and tends to remain the primary focus of Lovely Happenings. I grew up building and designing my Barbie’s dream home, and have been enthralled with design ever since.  I continued to pursue my love for design in college, where I recently attained my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I have been fortunate enough to perform in a multitude of jobs within the design community, and throughout every experience, I have been blogging through it all.

Recently, I have established my very own interior design business, Devitt Design. I am still in the startup stages with my business, but I look forward to designing, gaining new experiences, and meeting people along the way.

I am really excited to attend this conference. I look forward to learning as much as possible, with the hope of incorporating new ideas and perspectives into my blog and business. Blogging and design all in one conference? Sounds perfect. I am excited to meet everyone soon!

Attendee Profile: Kristin Collins Of Glitter Palais

My interest in blogs is as young as my own blog is. Sometime in late 2010 I started learning more about design blogs, and soon after started a blog with my employees called

I took the long road toward acquainting myself with blogs because I had a difficult time finding any blogs that I related too, and I didn’t totally understood what the intention behind blogging was until a friend introduced me to a number of blogs she followed. I quickly fell in love with most of them and started searching for more information that I could devour. My clients and I get most of the same magazine subscriptions and often fall in love with the same books so concept development through those images lost it’s impact just based on the pure fact that the images had already been seen before. Blogs became a new melting pot of inspiring images, and soon-after I made reading blogs a mandatory part of office life in my interior design office in Culver City.

Through blogs we started talking about design more, and my employees have started to develop a more critical approach when designing new rooms because of their ability to search these massive databases of amazing ideas. Like many designers I’m much better with drawings and photos then I am with words. By finding blogs that make sense to our office aesthetic, I’m able to share new concepts with my staff that is an ongoing conversation that get’s updated everyday.

Glitter Palais is a collaborative effort between the awesome staff at Kristin Collins Interior Design and myself. We developed the blog as a way to show off all of the incredible things that we discover everyday. We think of a hundred million ideas before we settle down on one, and in the meantime, many great concepts just get tossed out. Glitter Palais is a resting ground for thrown out ideas as well as progress shots of our projects, and of course completed work as well. Glitter Palais is the girly, and fun truth about what we do at Kristin Collins Inc.

Currently, we are planning a trip to Paris at the end of the month to install an unusual apartment that we have been working on for the last 3 years. I can’t wait to update our blog with the photos of this project. We are currently very busy finalizing the remaining shipments to Paris, and can’t wait to meet our precious cargo in macaron-land where we can put everything in it’s place to hopefully give our client what she has waited so long for-an avante garde apartment where family and friends can stay while they are in Paris and an incredible new place to host the best parties in the world.

I can’t wait to come to the interior design bloggers conference to learn more about how to blog, and meet other like-minded people who think about all the things that I love. Learning the ins-and outs of proper blog etiquette, and discovering how to increase our readership is also important to me since I am new to blogging and need all the advice I can get. Most importantly I just look forward to listening to the speakers, and filling up two full days with nothing but pure blog heaven.

Attendee Profile: Tamara Matthews-Stephenson of Nest by Tamara

I started my blog Nest by Tamara in May 2009. My very first post was about my mother’s gardens and how she weaved much of her artistic abilities in her landscaping. With many years experience as a residential interior designer, I felt compelled to begin journaling the many inspirations I see and how it relates to both home and garden. By blogging, I have the opportunity to combine two of my life’s passions – writing and interior design. Each month I write about a different nest-related topic and post weekly features on the subject, profiling artists and craftsman, and all the while peppering my stories with a philosophical perspective. I hope to help my viewers discover their design sense through my weekly musings just as I do with my own clients. I feel like I am the editor, publisher and photographer of a one-woman magazine since almost all the features are my original content. I investigate history, elements of design, cooking, entertaining and gardening and often take a page from my own life to add to the mix. Nest by Tamara has grown quite quickly and I have been offered unique opportunities and projects because of it, and I have learned the value of social media, both as a blogger and while managing my other sites like Twitter. One of the most valuable experiences so far has been connecting with the many other talented, innovative-thinking bloggers I have met, and the opportunities of collaboration seem endless. This May will mark the end of my second year, and through attending this conference I hope to learn interesting ways to take this exciting platform to the next level.

Happy NESTING! Xo tamara

Lori Dennis, Star of HGTV's The Real Designing Women

Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

We are thrilled to announce that award winning designer Lori Dennis will be participating in the Design Bloggers Conference on Monday, February 28. Lori will be covering the event for LA Design Magazine, and filming portions of the event for her HGTV show. Lori is the star of HGTV’s The Real Designing Women, a graduate of UCLAs Interior Design Program and sits on the ASID Sustainable Design Council. With two decades of experience in residential, commercial and hospitality design, her work has been featured in the New York Times, People, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, LUXE, Woman’s Day, Los Angeles Times, All the Best, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Dwell and more. Honored with awards from Viking Appliances, Southern Accents, California Home, Home Magazine, ASID and Angeleno, Lori lectures on design throughout the country. She is the Editor in Chief of LA Design Magazine, author of Green Interior Design and spokesperson for Milgard Windows.

Loris’ thoughts on blogging:

I’ve been sharing with my thoughts with others since I was a kid, a note passing, slam book obsessed sixth grader who went on to write the junior highschool newsletter. While blogging certainly is a key strategy in promoting my design business, it also keeps the “everything is possible, excited to see it all” seventh grader spirit alive in me. When you can combine that kind of passion with good content, you’ve acheived something great. I’m dying to get to the conference to meet the best of the best, who week after week, produce words and images that keep me captivated year after year. Counting down the days…